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M&S Reinigungen

Are you looking for a company that will clean your new building or move house? Then you`ve come to the right place. We also carry out professional apartment cleaning or office cleaning. Our other services also include regular maintenance cleaning. With us you will find your reliable partner in all areas of cleaning buildings, outdoor facilities and car cleaning inside.

Apartment cleaning and office cleaning by professionals
Would you like your home or office to be cleaned regularly?

In this case, too, we are your contact. We carry out both regular apartment cleaning and office cleaning at your request.
We carry out such maintenance cleaning at the intervals at which you deem it necessary. 
If you don`t know exactly when a maintenance cleaning or something similar makes sense, then it`s best to discuss it with us.
We have many years of experience in this area and can therefore give you lots of tips and advice, for example disposal etc.
You can agree with us how often you would like your apartment or office to be cleaned periodically.
This can be a weekly cleaning or cleaning at other intervals.
We arrange it with you and carry out the cleaning work to your satisfaction.

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